Social Media Request Form

Social Media Request Form

Please note that SUAB can only partner with recognized or registered OSU organizations.

All Social Media Request form will be considered by the SUAB Social Media Director and/or SUAB Adviser.

The SUAB Social Media Director will consider all applications that fulfill ALL the following criteria:
-- All Social Media Request Forms must be turned in 2 weeks prior to the requested posting date.

The event in consideration must:
--- Support the SUAB Mission and Vision (visit for the SUAB mission and vision statement); and
--- Refrain from conflicting with other SUAB events’ dates and times.

Other questions the SUAB Social Media Director may take into consideration include:
--- Does the organization have a history of planning partnership with SUAB?
--- Does SUAB have other marketing initiatives that may overlap during the same time as the requested posting date?
--- Is the organization a campus recognized or registered organization?

Once the SUAB Social Media Director reviews the request, they will either approve or deny the application’s requests. The SUAB Adviser or SUAB Social Media Director will notify the primary contact of our final decision within five business days after the form's review.

Please contact the SUAB Social Media Director, Micah Damon, at with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your request.